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The European Association of Machine Tool Merchants is the international network of more than 150 (used) machine tool dealers in 19 countries world-wide.


The Association provides a unique service, which can assist you in your business through its Conferences, its Internet database ( and the many contacts you can establish in the trade. 


The use of its logo identifies its members as trustworthy merchants serving the metalworking industry since 1940.


Upon receipt of your signed application and confirmation of two sponsors (existing members supporting your request to join the association) the EAMTM will publish your request to the entire membership. 

The Council (Board of Directors) will be discussed your membership application and we will inform you about the Council’s decision.

Since 2008 the once-off entrance fee is 650 Euro and the annual membership fee is 1500 Euro.

Should you need any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact the EAMTM Head Quarters in Brussels. 

The office is located at Villalaan 83, B-1190 Brussels with phone +32 25 34 15 15 and fax +32 25 38 12 14 or e-mail at 




President                                                            Secretary General

Application for Membership

Company details (to be completed by the applicant)

Company name

Address (registered office)

Address (for correspondence)

Authorized officer, holder of a power of attorney.

m Owner m Managing director m Major stockholder





VAT Number

I hereby declare that the above mentioned company is trading in used machine tools since …………  with a staff of ………. persons.  We operate from the above address and have rented, leased and/or owned premises with the total area of ………………  m².  The trade in used machine tools represents …………… % of our total turnover during the last year.

My company wishes to join the EAMTM.  Our application is sponsored by the following two Full or International members of the EAMTM.

[Place], [Date] and [Signature]:

Signed by

being a lawful officer of


NOT to be completed by the applicant, but by the sponsors



We have known the applicant for ……. years.

We have known the applicant for ……. years.


being an authorised officer of this company                


being an authorised officer of this company                


IMPORTANT – PLEASE SEE NEXT PAGE >>>                             



The EAMTM exists first and foremost to promote HIGH STANDARDS OF TRADING AND MUTUAL TRUST. 

Therefore an EAMTM member enjoys a privileged position because any other member worldwide will accept his word as a fellow member.

This brings responsibilities: and a member must in turn accept without any reservation the CODE OF ETHICS agreed by his fellow members of the EAMTM.

If a member breaks that trust the Council is empowered to consider the case and, if satisfied that the member has acted against the CODE OF ETHICS, may take action to expel the offender from membership.  Lesser penalties may be imposed depending on the gravity of the offence.

The company concerned may at all stages put its side of the case: but it must be accepted that after the Council has made its decision, there is no appeal against it.

For that reason, please read the CODE OF ETHICS below CAREFULLY.

If you agree it FULLY, please sign the undertaking below.

The Association Code of Ethics


1. To honour completely and sincerely all Contracts and Agreements in which they engage both in buying and selling, particularly where terms of payment have been mutually agreed.

2. To describe and represent the machines they offer to the best of their ability as to: Serial and Model Numbers, Condition and Specification and accessories.

3. When offering machinery to which they do not have clear title, they will endeavour to establish and advise the prospective buyer of any relevant circumstances which could affect the sale.

4. When machines are sold with a Guarantee and are proved to be defective (other than through the buyer’s own action) they will use their utmost endeavours to rectify the complaint.

5. To honour every option and/or first refusal both as to price and date.

6. To accept that in the event of a Member knowingly and deliberately violating or committing a breach of the Code (of which the Association’s Council shall be sole judge) then, should Council so resolve, he will be suspended as a Member.  The General Meeting can declare the expulsion of a member.

7. Members accept that there may be instances not covered by the above code, where the Association must consider whether a Member has brought its good name into disrepute by failure to honour the precept of mutual trust implied by Membership; and that the Association’s Council must then determine appropriate remedies, including specific warning or, ultimately, expulsion from Membership, in order both to correct the instance and to prevent its recurrence.


I have READ the CODE OF ETHICS of the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants, and fully understand that it is binding on all members of the Association.  I AGREE that my company will sincerely and faithfully follow that code in all its business transactions, both with its customers and with other EAMTM members.  I ACCEPT without any reservation that should the EAMTM Council consider that a member has broken that Code, the Council is empowered to expel the member or impose some lesser penalty: and that after such decision, following the procedures of the Association’s articles of association, such a member has no further right of appeal.

[Place], [Date] and [Signature]:

Signed by

being a lawful officer of



All members of the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants must support the aims, objects and Code of Ethics of the Association.

Membership grades

Full Membership

1.         A Full Member shall be an individual or company, with a (registered) office in Europe.

2.         The company or individual concerned must be a machine tool merchant, with premises, a stock base, power supply and after-sales facilities. 

3.         The company or its principle(s) must have at least three years of trading.

4.         Full Members have voting rights.

Associate Membership

1.         Associate Membership is open to contactors with the trade, which includes auctioneers, suppliers of services, and machine tool brokers.

2.         They have no voting rights.

International Membership

1.         International Membership covers machine tool merchants, with their (registered) office outside Europe. 

2.         International Members have voting rights.

Candidate Membership

1.         Candidate membership is designed for potential members who, in the opinion of the Council, are not immediately acceptable for Full, Associate or International Membership. After three years the Council will, if suitable, allocate a Candidate member an appropriate grade of membership. 

2.         Candidates have no voting privileges.

Further Criteria

1.         The Council allocates the membership grade in its own absolute discretion.

2.         The applicant must have two members as sponsors.  If located in a country with more than 20 members one of the sponsors needs to be from that country.

3.         Where a Branch exists, all membership applications must first be considered and approved by the Board of that Branch before being submitted to Council.

4.         Applications received direct, or approved by Branches will be circulated to all members, giving a month notice for comments or objections by all members of the Association.

5.   Should an existing member re-organize, change its company name, sets up subsidiaries, changes ownership or for similar reasons, or where the Council is persuaded that it is exceptionally desirable, the full membership application process should be fulfilled for re-admittance.

Membership Subscriptions

1.         All members shall pay membership subscription.

2.         The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December annually.

3.         Any member admitted before 30 June shall pay a full year’s subscription.

4.         Members admitted after 1 July and before 31 October shall pay a half year’s subscription.

5.         Members admitted after 1 November shall be exempt of the annual subscription. 

6.         All applicants shall pay an entrance fee which is a once-off payment.

7.         If any person or company, having been notified in writing of his or its admission to Membership of the Association, shall not pay the Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription due from him or it within one month, the Council may at its discretion, cancel such admission to membership, whereupon notice of such cancellation shall be sent in writing to such person to the address given on the Form of Application for Membership and shall be final and binding on all parties.

Resignation of Membership

A Member wishing to resign from membership of the Association shall give notice of his intention as soon as possible, in any case, before 31 December.  Any member wishing to resign after 1 January shall be required to pay the full subscription of the membership year.

The automatic consequence of non-payment of the membership fee before 31 March is the suspension of services and the loss of voting rights.  A re-entry charge can be added.

(c) EAMTM ivzw, Villalaan 83, B-1190 Brussels, Belgium, +32 25 34 15 15, webmaster:

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